Adopt A Leopard

Leopard Delivery detailsFrom just £3.00 a month you can adopt the Amur leopards. Your money will help the WWF to safeguard the future of this endangered species by tackling illegal hunting and establishing a protected area for the leopards.

The three Amur leopards for adoption live in the province of Primorskii Krai in Russia’s Far East. Their habitat is mainly forested with Korean pine and oak and has many steep, eroding cliffs. There are many caves eaten into these cliffs, which the female leopards use when giving birth to their young.

By adopting a leopard through the WWF leopard adoption scheme you will receive a WWF leopard adoption pack, which will include the following items:Leopard Adoption

  • A gorgeous soft toy of your leopard
  • Your leopard adoption certificate
  • A fact booklet about your adopted leopards
  • Stickers and bookmarks
  • Updates on your leopards 3 times a year in My Amur Leopards magazine
  • Updates on the conservation efforts of the WWF in the 4-monthly newsletter called Wild World
  • Tips on how you can lead a greener lifestyle
  • and more…

Animal adoptions can make wonderful ethical gifts so why not treat a friend or family member to one of the wonderful WWF adoption packs and be safe in the knowledge that you have contributed towards helping the Amur leopards to survive.